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Support & Services

CTS offers you a single point of contact for all maintenance and support issues, regardless of the vendor or service provider involved. By taking care of IT service management on your behalf, we ensure you always receive consistent and reliable service.

Hardware & Software

In terms of hardware of information technology. CTS also does computer repairs, selling computers and laptops as well as original software (back to back orders). In terms of software, we also sell and update Original Licensed or freeware software. We are resellers of popular brand names such as HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Intel processors, Microsoft, AVG.

If you would like to have your computer customized, we also built customized computers based on individual components that you desire. Contact us for further inquiries.

Web Design & Hosting

All companies, irrespective of its industry, can benefit from having a website portal to complement its conventional customer approach.

You don't have to worry about maintaining and updating your web site once it is live. We can devote a dedicated team to manage your updates and keep your web site in working order for an affordable monthly fee.

We are also partners with reliable hosting companies to host your websites and emails.

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